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Bro-tox: the rise of male Botox

Bro-tox: the rise of male Botox

  • 01st December 2018
  • Beauty by Carole

Male grooming has steadily become more mainstream, with man-icures and man-scaping being offered by a number of beauty salons. It may not come as much of a surprise then that the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures has also increased, with Botox becoming particularly popular among men of all age groups. Like it or not, in our youth-focussed society, young men are often seen as being more dynamic, successful and happier than their older counterparts.

Whether it’s due to genetics, career stress or just aging, guys are not immune to fine lines and wrinkles. Wanting to look your very best is only normal. Good self-care means looking at all of the options, including Botox, which can offer smoother, more youthful looking skin without giving away the fact that you’ve had a little help.

However, Botox for men should not be seen as the same as Botox for women. First, men typically need more units of Botox, as their facial muscles are bigger and their faster metabolism ‘breaks down’ the Botox at a quicker rate.

Second, the areas that require Botox treatment in men also differ to the areas usually treated in women. When treating male clients, clinicians may often leave smile lines alone and focus the treatment on crow’s feet and frown lines, to give a youthful but natural look. Unlike in Botox for women, men usually don’t need much work around their eyebrows as this can pull the brows upwards in an arched shape – a shape more commonly associated with women.

Men are often particularly keen to avoid the “fake” and “frozen” look and prefer treatment that makes them look refreshed and rested, whilst maintaining their masculine features. The motto is: soften the lines, not the face!

This means that it is extremely important for any men considering Botox to find a practitioner who has plenty of experience with mens’ treatment. Beauty by Carole has extensive experience of treating men of all ages – please get in touch today if you are interested in restoring that youthful look!

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