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Fact or fiction: 4 common Botox® myths busted

Fact or fiction: 4 common Botox® myths busted

  • 01st August 2018
  • Beauty by Carole

1. You should only get Botox® when you have wrinkles

This is far from true – Botox® is regularly used as a preventative measure. Younger patients in their 20s who see lines on their face when they make expressions such as scowling or squinting can often benefit from Botox® to relax the muscles causing these wrinkles. By stopping the face repeating the movements causing the wrinkles, Botox® can soften these lines and prevent them from remaining even when the face is at rest.

2. Botox will leave my face frozen and expressionless

This is a very common myth based on the many images we see of people who have been over-treated. Botox® does not leave your face frozen, but aims to lessen the movement of the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. An experienced injector would know how many Botox® units to inject so that you will look natural and not ‘frozen’.

3. Botox is expensive – a cream will do the job

While we appreciate the attraction of achieving the same results of Botox®, without having to undergo an injection, sadly no cream can temporarily relax facial muscles in the way that Botox® can as cream only works on the skin’s upper layers. However, a high quality skincare regime should be alongside Botox® injections to achieve the best results.

It’s tempting to look for the cheapest clinic around but be careful of low prices. Cost should never be your main deciding factor as you may be receiving a brand other than Botox®, which may have a lower level of activity and effectiveness. Botox® is a specialized medical treatment requiring in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the facial muscles, nerves, blood vessels, etc. and only medically-trained practitioners will be able to properly assess and deal with any potential complications of the treatment. Please read our article “Why you should NOT have anti-wrinkle or filler treatments from a beauty therapist” for more information.

4. Only women get Botox®

The number of men getting Botox® is rising rapidly every year. Botox® and other cosmetic treatments no longer attract the same stigma and it is now more acceptable for men to look to improve their appearance by the use of aesthetic procedures. Men of all ages are embracing the ‘Brotox’ trend!

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