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Jawline and Chin Shaping


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Treatment Time:

30 minutes

Recovery Time:

Minimal; any redness should subside quickly

Duration of Results:

18 – 24 months

See Results:



Many are increasingly concerned about loss of volume in the mid-face and a loss of definition in the jawline and chin, often changing the shape of the face. Several factors can contribute to how the lower face ages includinggenetics and soft tissue and bone structure changes.

It is vital to maintain the strength and definition of the jawline and chin to support the lower face and achieve a youthful look. Research suggests that the ideal lower face shape is a symmetrical, ‘oval’ shape with good proportion, which provides a defined jaw line with clear definition between the neck and chin area.

Jawline and Chin shaping is a non-surgical treatment that is great for people looking to improve the shape and balance of the lower face without resorting to traditional surgical methods. Instead, fillers are used to add volume to create a contoured, balanced and defined jawline.

At the Beauty by Carole clinic, we exclusively use Juvederm VOLUX filler – produced by the world’s leading brand. The product has been specially formulated to restore and create volume in the chin and jaw area for up to 18-24 months



Your free, no-obligation consultation provides the opportunity to share your goals and concerns with Carole and to ask any questions you may have. Carole will go through a brief medical history with you, explain the procedure in detail and create your individual treatment plan.



Carole will make a series of small injections into selected treatment areas on your face using a very fine needle. The procedure is relatively pain-free, save for the mild scratch experienced due to the small injections and a topical numbing cream can be used to minimise any discomfort. The treatment itself typically lasts around 20-30 minutes.



Following the treatment, Carole will discuss an aftercare plan with you. You should not apply excessive pressure to the treated areas or undertake strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours. A follow-up appointment or telephone call (if preferred) will be arranged to assess the results of your treatment and answer any follow-up questions.


about Jawline and Chin shaping

Anyone who would prefer more definition and support in the lower face. The treatment works well on young people who want more definition and contouring, those with moderate signs of ageing who wish to lift and enhance the face and older clients with more advanced ageing who would like to delay or prevent surgical intervention.

Dermal fillers have been widely and safely used in aesthetics for many years and complications are uncommon. A full discussion of the potential risks is, however, carried out at consultation before any treatment is undertaken. Although the treatment is not entirely pain-free, any discomfort is usually minimal and unlike many other facial filler products, Juvéderm VOLUX contains a numbing agent for a more comfortable treatment experience.

Results can usually be seen within a day or two. The duration of the results will vary between individuals, but, depending on the area treated, can typically last between 18 and 24 months.

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