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What age should you start considering Botox?

What age should you start considering Botox?

  • 01st February 2019
  • Beauty by Carole

Signs of aging start to creep up on everyone, no matter how young. In the last ten years, the number of people starting Botox in their twenties and thirties has been steadily on the increase. Although most people still associate Botox with the idea of turning back the clock by tackling wrinkles and lines, younger people are using Botox even before their wrinkles have fully appeared.

Rather than waiting for the effects of aging to show, more and more people in their mid-twenties and early thirties are using Botox as a preventative tool. This method uses Botox to reduce the movement of the facial muscles that are used the most. These facial muscles, once relaxed, also relax the overlying skin, which prevents wrinkles from forming in the first place. This can be important as when your fine lines become deep-set wrinkles, Botox won’t make them go away and, instead, a combination of Botox and dermal fillers may ne needed. As is so often the case, prevention is better than cure.

So what is the best age to start Botox? In our view, there is no perfect age to start Botox as it can benefit people of all ages and all skin types. For instance, those who are very facially expressive, genetically predisposed to wrinkles, or have been exposed to large amounts of sunlight or stress may find that they would benefit from Botox at an earlier age than others. The important point is that – like all aesthetic treatments – Botox should be administered in the right way for each individual patient and the practitioner should always be aiming to improve a patient’s self-confidence; not worsening any insecurities.

Starting to treat signs of aging earlier will mean better results in the long term, but it is important to know that younger skin needs a more subtle treatment and experienced practitioner (to avoid the “frozen” look!). If you are in your twenties or thirties and considering Botox, get in touch with the Beauty by Carole clinic to see how we could help.

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